OCI Card Experience – Application and Processing Time

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We finally got the OCI Card for our son. This OCI card application process took a while to apply. 4 Months to be specific after completing the first application ( and generating the web reference number).

OCI Card processing takes place in two stages

  1. Stage 1: Submit required supporting documents, application for processing
  2. Stage 2: Send Original U.S. Passport to get the OCI Card.

OCI Card doesn’t look like a Green Card or EAD Card. It looks just like a Passport with 2 pages.  Here’s the screenshot for the OCI Card Processing Time.

OCI Card Processing Till Passport Match Up

oci card usa processing time

We first submitted the application back in the August 2015, but took another 4 months to muster up the courage to collect all the required document to apply. The checklist of documents that have is confusing.  Here’s why: When I mean a checklist, I mean each item in the list should contain one item

  • Do this
  • Do this
  • Do this

Not like this

  • Do this and this and maybe this
  • Maybe to this too
  • Do this

But, I got it done and submitted the application via the Postage paid using CKGS Shipping Service ( Not easy to use this page). FedEx is cheap compared to what you would have to pay for next day service if you buy via CKGS. Read the FAQ’s for more details below.

We received the confirmation email to send the passport in April. Total of 90 Days.

OCI Processing Time : Passport Matchup Process

I’m glad I took the first screenshot right after mailing the passport. I couldn’t find full history now. Here’s the processing time after CKGS received the passport for Matchup and mailing back the Original Passport with OCI Card. Thats about 15 Days.

oci card passport matchup processing time

Total OCI Card Processing Time

  • Stage 1: Application Processing – 90 Days
  • Stage 2: Passport Matchup – 15 Days
  • Total: 105 Days

Processing time listed on the CKGS website is pretty accurate. That’s good right?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where did we take the passport size photo of our son?

Over the years, we had to take several photos. So, we painted a wall white and  took photo of him via DSLR and used make passport size photos from home and printed at Walgreens. If you can’t paint the wall, get a white backdrop from amazon (like this one). It’s not worth spending $20 for every passport size photo.

2. Where to get notary public signature?

We went to Wells Fargo Bank. You don’t need to have a bank account with them to get Notary signature. If there’s no Wells Fargo Bank nearby, try your bank. Don’t go to Bank of America. They stopped giving notary sign on individual pages when you have more than one document to be signed. So, start with your bank first.

3. Should we send original document during stage 1?

No, only copies of supporting documents are required. Only original document I sent was our son’s passport for Stage 2.

4. Where did we mail the documents?

Our location falls under Indian Embassy  in Washington D.C. So, we send it to CKGS processing center listed for D.C.

5. Do we get email updates about various stages?

Yes. CKGS was good about that. There was email notification for every update on the file.

6. Why buying Shipping Service through CKGS?

They were not accepting prepaid envelop purchased on our own. So, we don’t have a choice unless documents were submited in person.

When I initially paid for To/Return shipping, I thought I’m paying for ALL  the to/from shipping service. But, I was wrong. I had paid only for mailing the document and getting the passport back.  The website was not clear.

I should have paid for two To shipping and One From shipping.

  1. To send first documents for processing
  2. To send the passport for matchup ( I did not pay for this first time)
  3. Return shipping to receive the passport and OCI Card

It was really tough to use their shipping service. I had to mail the customer cars, since OCI card option was missing. So, I couldn’t even pay for shipping for few days, until they added it back as an option. you will know when you get to this point.

If you have further questions, do let me know.  Hope this helps.


  1. Venkata Prabhala

    We are trying to apply for “OCI in lieu of PIO”, but it’s not clear how many things needed to be uploaded on the government website after filling Part A and Part B. Also, it’s not clear how to print these out for mailing.

    1. Author

      Venkata, I know what you are going through now. That’s the same reason I kept delaying the process for over 6 months. Their checklist is not a real checklist. They should refer to “Airline Checklist” or read the book “Checklist Manifesto”. You just can’t have 10 confusing items within one bullet point.

      Here’s what I would suggest.

      Print the pages. Highlight the items that applies to you. Pay attention only to those items. Things will become clear. I didn’t have to upload anything. Completed the Application, printed out Part A and B ( Second page is Part B). then rest of the work was in CKGS site.

      1. Venkata Prabhala

        Hi Raghuram, Thank you for your guidance.

        I read through the process a few times, and finally discovered there are parts that don’t apply to us! I did upload four items mentioned on the CKGS website (a box on the left side of the page).

        That said, what is not clear at this point is why they would have you notarize a statement that all are true copies, and then require you to separately notarize marriage certificate! Also, one place says the photo size is 20mm X 20mm, another place says it’s 35mm X 35mm, and on the printed form it says 50mm X 50 mm. Finally, I have decided to go with the middle one 35mm X 35mm.

        One more thing is about proving your address. We sold our home and bought a new home. It turns out our combined name with our current address is available only on our mortgage statement. But, they apparently don’t accept a mortgage statement as proof! So, one of our applications is stuck.

        I don’t understand why they needed so much proof when it’s a conversion from PIO-to-OCI and not a fresh OCI application. Why do different jurisdictions have different requirements for documents and notarizations? I guess there is nothing logical about it. 🙂

        1. Author

          I should have added that. We switched PSNC account to my wife’s name for her address proof. So we had to wait till next billing statement.

  2. Kaushik Desai

    Thank you for your suggestions. The notary needs to be thorough in verifying documents and should write detailed note of verification on a side letter, so you won’t give any chance to CKGS for rejection. I paid over $200 for me and my wife’s 9 documents including marriage certificate. In USA, electronic copies are accepted without notary in courts. We are increasing auto-bureaucracy as moving towards digital era. I made a trip to NY from Florence, NJ to submit my applications for OCI & Renunciation combined and paid $103.50 each to include all postage. I received renunciation certificates for me & my wife with cancelled Indian passports and waiting for Scrutinization process, which was initiated on 08/16/2016. I am determined to submit matchup documents in person to avoid any complications from above experiences with delivery to CKGS. The return has been paid already so I hope everything will go smooth now.
    If a notary service is offered by CKGS or some Indian Association will be great service. NY is too far for me otherwise I would offer my Notary service at $5.00 per document over there.

    1. Manoj

      Notary services are free at any bank that you bank with..dont know why you have to pay…

  3. sano tochigi

    I do have a Global Entry card that enables me to skip the lines at US Immigration. Given how valuable this is I got a bit worried when I had to get a new passport. To my enormous surprise all I had to do was to go the airport (without an appointment) and the lady simply entered the new passport by scanning it. Took less than 5 minutes.

    I made the mistake of giving up my PIO for an OCI card when I first heard of it last June ( which means it has now been 1 year and four months). Since I travel extensively midway through the process I got a new passport. To date I still have not got my OCI card. If you think the application process is difficult i hope you don’t have to fill out the Miscellaneous Services form!

    So its been over a year, multiple visits to CKGS with parking at at least $30 per, a vast number of documents to be notarized, attested, copied. Right now it is in match up but after two weeks I plan to go to CKGS and get my passport back (your processing timelines suggest not getting an update email within two weeks after turning in your passport is deeply problematic). I suspect that even though i have been “granted” the OCI and have the email to prove it, the gears of Indian bureaucracy will prevail.

    When I think the US can do a passport change on a GOES card in 5 minutes and the Indian government needs over nine months (since I started the Miscellaneous services for passport change) and more than 1 year overall you begin to realize why you can earn in 5 minutes what the average Indian will earn in six months.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any “contacts” which I suppose remains the way business is done in India.

    My advice is to not start this process unless you need the OCI card. Better take a tourist visa and be done with it.

  4. yogesh sharma

    Hi, my OCI card has been dispatched from Delhi 12-20-2016 to San Francisco. and my Can Can somebody answer my questions please:

    1) how much time it takes to reach oci card from delhi to San Francisco?
    2) then how much time it takes to complete the match up process?

    1. santhoshi

      Hi yogesh,

      How long does it took you to receive your OCI after the card has been dispatched from delhi.
      I applied for my daughters OCI it says its dispatched from delhi

  5. Rajesh

    My NewBorn daughters OCI Application. NO-Passport Match-UP Step for her.

    March 6, 2017 Received OCI Card………….

    Mar 03, 2017 02:32 pm OCI Card picked up by FedEx.
    Your AWB Number is xxx.
    To track the ‘Progress of Your Shipment’, log onto the site of FedEx and enter your AWB Number.

    Feb 28, 2017 – Tuesday
    05:03 pmOCI Card ‘Received’ at the CKGS application centre and is at the ‘Sorting Facility’ where it is being processed for delivery.
    Please continue tracking your application status online.

    Feb 24, 2017 – Friday
    10:38 amApplication ‘Reviewed’ by Consulate and ‘In Transit’ to CKGS Application Centre.
    Please continue tracking your application status online.

    Jan 30, 2017 – Monday
    10:18 amApplication is ‘Under Process’ at Consulate for decision making.
    Please continue tracking your application status online.

    Jan 30, 2017 – Monday
    09:33 amApplication is ‘In Transit’ to the Consulate.
    Please continue tracking your application status online.

    Jan 27, 2017 – Friday
    12:59 pmApplication is ‘Under Process’ at CKGS.
    Please continue tracking your application status online.

    Jan 25, 2017 – Wednesday
    04:22 pmApplication Verification is ‘Complete’. Processing of your application will continue.
    The Consulate may request for further documents over and above those already submitted as per the Document Checklist.
    Please continue tracking your application status online.

    Jan 25, 2017 – Wednesday
    04:21 pmApplication ‘Received’ by CKGS and ‘Not Verified’.
    You will receive an E-mail advising you of the outcome of the verification process

  6. Pavaniirri


    I am applying OCI card for my daughter 2yrs old.. I have completed Part A and have to do the Part B. My only question is I cannot find the checklist to take printout which I have to submit to the Ckgs with the docs. I really appreciate If someone could please guide me by providing a link to checklist for taking a printout. My appt is on April 5th

  7. Praveen

    In the OCI Application they say thumb print for Minors for OCI in leau of PIO, but what they actually mean is Minors ( less than 5 years – thumb print), children 5 and above upto 18 years should right their name in Part A of the application (which gets uploaded along with child’s photo to website).

    I first sent it with Thump print – rejected,
    Later I printed the name and sent – rejected, then when I talked to them they said that child should right his name
    Third time with child name written in their own hands – accepted.

    This entire process took one month and three times sending documents, waste of time and money, PIO is better no need to renewal upto 15 years.

  8. Sunil

    Apparently high commission of India in London is refusing to grand OCI to even people from Indian origin who work for private security firms , this firms have no connection with UK government or UK secret agencies . And consular services in high commission of India in London have no explanation for this . When shown official Indian government gazette for OCI to HCI which does not mention any thing about employee of private security company , you are rudely replied back by HCI staff stating it’s indian government new regulation. Were as it not…… Can anyone help , really frustrated and depressed.

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