Google Fiber Installation Timeline with Photos – Triangle, NC

google fiber speed test

Google Fiber is Here! I searched around to find a good timeline of the Google Fiber announcement to Installation to Connection. I couldn’t find one. So, here’s the timeline of Google fiber installation. Our city was the first to get sign-up within the Triangle. I sent messages to my friend via WhatsApp who is a die-hard…

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My Dear Friend JP, RIP (and Help His Family if You Can)

JP – Jayaprabhu. RIP. It’s hard to believe that you are not with us anymore. I’m writing this for three reasons: I (we) just miss him Help raise fund for his family Why we need a Will It’s been years since I meet him in person, but the time we spent as classmates in B.E. is something…

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OCI Card Experience – Application and Processing Time

We finally got the OCI Card for our son. This OCI card application process took a while to apply. 4 Months to be specific after completing the first application ( and generating the web reference number). OCI Card processing takes place in two stages Stage 1: Submit required supporting documents, application for processing Stage 2: Send…

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