How to Buy Baby Strollers and Chicco Key Fit Travel System Review

Happy New Year to all the readers. Hope you all have a best 2014.

As a part of our new year resolution, we decided to contribute more to our personnel blog and so I’m here with my first blog post of 2014 about the Travel System/Stroller we used when Rishi was born.

When my dear friend Susan, who is expecting her first baby earlier this year, texted me asking for my option on what kind of stroller to buy. I decided to publish my email so it would be helpful to all the first time parents out there.

First step to buy a stroller

Do your basic research.

Browse the Internet, look at the various brands available, the variety that’s available in each brand.

Talk to mom’s who have already used one and ask for their suggestions.

Now short list a few models and again go into a deeper research.

This involves reading customer ratings and reviews from sites like Amazon. Then to narrow down your list further, visit stores like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. Both the stores have a wide variety of options to try and you never buy a stroller without manually trying it.

Things to Consider for a Stroller

  • Investing some extra bucks on a light weight stroller. Makes life so much easy.
  • Look if the stroller is easy to unfold and fold (This is where it gets expensive).
  • Watch out for a good amount of storage in the stroller.
  • Remember, you have to carry bulky diaper bag atleast for the first year upto 2.
  • Make sure the front wheel is a rotatable one.
  • Go for a neutral design so it can be reused.
  • Don’t buy a light color, because kids easily mess them up.
  • See if the stroller is washable (mostly will)
  • Check if they have 4 wheels in the front for easy rotation and stability.
  • Check if the tires are good quality and for suspension.
  • Cheap ones will easily become wobbly over a period of few months.

Types of Strollers

There are several types of strollers and here’s few

  • Travel Systems (we got this)
  • Light Weight ( Now we have 2 light weight)
  • Standard (without car seat)
  • Infant Carrier ( Bare Bones Stroller)
  • Jogging ( 3 Wheels, instead of 4)

We got Travel System Chicco Key Fit 30. (Affiliate Link)

Why did we choose Chicco Key Fit Travel System

After our research and when we manually tried our short listed ones at the stores mentioned, we found Chicco to be more sturdy (because we wanted to use it for 2 years).

Why a Baby Strollers Travel System?

Baby strollers travel system comes with a base, a car seat that attaches and detaches from the base, and a stroller where you can attach and detach the car seat (This is pretty much how all the Travel System Works irrespective of the brand).

  •  The car seat and stroller comes as a package so cost wise it was effective rather than buying both of them separately
  • The car seat can be removed from the base (attached to the car) in a click of a button.
  • Makes it so easy when the baby decides to sleep in the car and you arrived at the shopping mall, all you need is just detach the car seat and snap it to the stroller without waking the baby and you can peacefully around.

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30

Here’s some of the Pros and Cons

chicck key fit 30 review

We had the exact same Chicco Travel System.


  • You can use the car seat from birth to 2 yrs or until the weight limit is reached.
    The stroller can be used upto 2 yrs too.
  • It survived 2 India trip and a couple of cross-country trips and unlimited local.
  • Good storage space, easily can hold a large diaper bag.
  • The storage space near the handle was easy for keys and cell phones.
  • Loved the head attachment in the car seat that comes for infants.
  • I was able to hold my kid in one hand, a diaper bag and still fold the stroller in another hand.
  • The car seat had many detachable pads, as the child grows, removing the pads one by one would give more space.
  • The Canopy has a small window that you can view to check on the kid.


  • For a medium size car and takes most of the trunk space.
  • It’s heavy but manageable ( fold to put in the car trunk)
  • Detachable canopy did not make it home during a cross-country trip.

The best part I loved it.  Once my kid outgrew it, I completely washed the chicco baby stroller travel system (car seat base and stroller) sanitized it completely and sold it for 1/3 of the buying price in a consignment sale.

From Raghu

Now, that was all Madhu. Here’s my perspective (Dad’s)

While testing various strollers in the store, try making sharp turns. That will show you the how easy it would to maneuver the stroller.

Some strollers was tough to turn. That’s where having wheels that rotate 360 degrees and 4 wheels will come-in handy.

Storage Space is MUST. When you go out on shopping trips with baby, having easy to access storage space will be useful.

There were some strollers that had storage space, but support  rod was on the way. So, accessing things you put in the storage space was difficult.

Some Britax strollers have small storage bin compared to Travel System Chicco Key Fit 30.

I guess that’s it for now.  Let us know if you have any specific questions.

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