What Credit Cards Are the Best for Travel Points and Here’s Our List of Cards

Over the years, we had bunch of Credit Cards. Here’s the list of cards old credit cards.

  • MBNA Student Card (Now Bank of America)
  • American Express
  • Citi Credit Cards (Couple of them)
  • Discover Cash Back Credit Card.

Then, I came to know about Travel Credit Cards, and using point for Travel Rewards. That’s when we switched to Cards that would give Points that can be redeemed for Travel (Airline tickets, Hotels, Rental Cars, etc.).

After exploring the best Travel Cards, we settled with the following:

  • Chase Sapphire Credit Card
  • Barclays Arrival Plus Credit Card
  • British Airways Card with 150,000 Bonus Points

After using 150,000 points for travel from the British Airways card (couple of Europe and India Trips), I closed that account.

Now, we are left with two Active Cards that we use for day to day purchases:

  • Chase Sapphire Credit Card
  • Barclays Arrival Plus Credit Card

Between these two cards, I like Barclays because of their statement credit. But, Chase Sapphire Card is  lot more flexible with International use.

Both credit cards don’t have fees for international purchases. I don’t have to call Chase Sapphire Card to inform them of my travel plan. With Barclays, I got blocked from using the card even after notifying them about travel plans.

I missed out on Chase Sapphire Reserve Card offer.

What is your favorite Credit Card and why?


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