What Is the Best Time to Travel to Europe?

rothenburg germany

I have been to Europe during the months of April, May and August to December.

  • April, May – Beginning of the tourist season.
  • October. November – End of the season
  • December – It would be cold unless you are going for Winter activities

During winter, you will feel the cold. It can be brutal if you are not used to the cold weather. Plus, the day gets dark early and that leaves you with short daylight for sightseeing.

When we were in Paris, it was 25 C and it was really difficult to walk in that heat in April.

In the same trip, it was 3 C in Rothenburg, Germany and it was difficult to walk around without proper winter clothing.

rothenburg streets germany

The night-watch man tour of the old city starts at 8 PM and ends and 9 PM. Even couple of miles per hour wind speed is good enough to make you feel uncomfortable.

Also, do remember this, during off seasons the hotel rooms will be cheaper. Even the attractions have seasonal pricing (like Top of Europe in Switzerland).

Bottomline – I would suggest to travel between Mid-April to May or September to October. The peak tourist season being between Mid-May to August. After August, travelers from the U.S. would slow down (that’s when the schools open in the USA). To save on hotel expense and tourist attractions, plan to travel in the off season.

I’m yet to visit Scandinavian countries. Based on what my friends have shared, it’s not good to visit those parts in the winter season. If you want to see the aurora borealis, then plan to visit at beginning of winter season or end of the season to get the most out of your trip.