First Time Cruisers – Mistakes Made and Lessons Learnt.

Here’s a list of first time cruise mistakes we made and lessons learnt that could help you to plan your next Cruise.

first time cruise mistakes

Sea Sickness

Never cruise without sea sickness medicines.

Glad we didn’t. I don’t have motion sickness and I assumed I would be ok traveling in the cruise. But my good friend advised me to take Dramamine and of course I did but assuming Rishi might need it.

Guess who was the sickest of the three? ME!

The first night the sea was very rough and I was feeling dizzy trying to catch my center of gravity. Lying flat on the bed really helps but who wants to spend time in the teeny tiny room when there is lots of fun outside.

Though I took Dramamine, it was making me drowsy and forcing me to sleep, basically  the medicine made me do the same thing I didn’t want to.


Be prepared for the clothing when you land.

When we started from Charleston it was a record breaking summer temperature of 80 F on Dec 21st. So we ditched all our winter clothes and packed spring clothes. When we landed back in Charleston on Dec 26th, we came out of the ship in spring clothing and those shorts and sleeveless were of no help –  the temperature was 45 deg. Lesson Learnt.

Extra Pair of Swim clothes

We had only one set of swim clothes each (MAN!  Those swim clothes are expensive).

On Day 2 Rishi played in the water park and I had to wash for the next day.

Day 3 we were in Atlantis water park and again had to do the laundry for Day 4 beach.

My most hated household chores is doing laundry and who wants to do it on a cruise! Lesson Learnt! Pack Extra.

Keeps some snacks handy

I agree that the food in the ship is limitless and  will not say it was delicious.

Yes it was on Day 1 but not on Day 5.

The last day we didn’t even bother to go to the dinning area and ended up in our room. The snacks that we packed for the trip like cookies, apples, oranges, muffins, chips tasted a lot better than those unlimited food.

Limit the number of the bag’s

When it comes to traveling we try our best to cut down the number of bag’s but this time being first time cruisers we ended up with 3 large suitcase, 1 carry-on, 1 backpack, laptop bag and a stroller.

We were able to easily manage them as you drop off your baggage in the car parking and it gets delivered to your room.

We were pretty surprised that by the time we reached our room most of our bags were waiting for us.

But on the day of disembarkation we picked the option of self checkout as it sounded the fastest and earliest way to get out of the ship.

So with self-check out, two 2 suitcases per person and  Rishi got the privilege pushing his own stroller and the just turned 4, took his own lovely time to carefully push without bumping it, which annoyed a lot of people behind us. Lesson Learned! Never allow your kid to push his own stroller especially when you have a lot of folks behind you, Oops sorry, Cut down on those baggages.

So these are the few mistakes we made and hope it helps you to plan your next trip. Happy Cruising!


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