How Many Days for Europe Trip – 7, 10 or 14 Days?

Murren, Switzerland

Assume you will return to Europe.

You can’t see it all in a single trip to Europe.

Here’s quick summary of our trips in Europe

  • April 2018 – 14 Days (Paris, Switzerland and Germany)
  • Oct 2014 – 9 Days (Switzerland and Itlay)
  • Nov 2014 – 4 Days in Paris
  • Nov 2014 – 3 Days in Belgium
  • Dec 2014 – 3 Days in Barcelona

In this article, I will walk you through, how our plan was finalized for the 14 days trip – a visual walk through of our itinerary.

If you are new to this site, start here – How to plan Europe trip.

How many days for Europe Trip?

Before you can decide on what countries to visit in Europe, you should know how many days do you like to spend on vacation to Europe?

Do you want to spend 7 days, 10 days, 14 days or 20 days in Europe? 

Depending on the total number of days you can afford to take off from your schedule, you can then figure out answers to rest o fthe questions

  • When to travel to Europe?
  • What cities to visit?
  • How days to spend in each city?

In our case, we first started with 10 days itinerary for Europe and eventually ended up with 14 days trip to Europe. I will share the spreadsheet that was used to plan out days, cities and route in a separate article.

While deciding on the total number of days to spend in Europe trip,  you might face this dilemma:

Can’t I decide the trip duration in Europe based on time required for each city?

It rarely works out this way. Trust me.

I have taken that approach when I was planning the first trip in 2014. It was a rabbit hole!

I crammed one city per day for 9 days. It was logistical nightmare.

The list of things I wanted to see in a city never ends. For instance, it’s possible to spend 7 full days in Paris or Rome and I wouldn’t have seen the entire attractions even then.

So, decide on the duration of trip that you can afford base don your schedule and budget. Then figure out what countries, cities and how many days to spend on each city.

7, 10 or 14 days in Europe

Let’s assume, you can spend 14 days in Europe. Should you go for it?

Yes, you should, but remember, you will be tired by day 6.

Add a rest day or travel day with light activity to recover.

Based on our experience, you may not be able to cover the same distance as you did in the earlier part  of the trip, if you not ready for the all the walking.

Cities like Rome, Venice, Paris requires lot of walking. We walked 17 miles in one day in Rome and Paris was about 15 Miles. You might be able to handle that based on the your fitness level.

Note: Start high intensity aerobics exercise and walking, so you can handle what Europe has to offer.


  • Assume you will return.
  • Europe trip is going to be a relaxing vacation.
  • Consider your fitness level when deciding on total number of days.
  • Every city has something to offer. You can’t see it all in one trip.


Featured Image – Murren, Switzerland. I took this photo on a cold morning after a short hike from the the town. We stayed in Murren for 2 nights.


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