Here’s How to Order Cheap Check Books.

We ran out of Checks on our Bank of America Checkings Account.  I went to Bank of America online account to order Checks.

I was taken to third-party check book provider from BOA website. Their Check Book ordering website requires an update. It looked as if was developed during GeoCities Days (in other words, not helpful).

I could find how many Checks I will get for $21.54 is after going through 4 pages of customization and adding the order to the cart. Finally at the Checkout Page, I can find the checks count.

120 Basic Checks with Duplicate = $21.54

I wasn’t going to pay $21,54 + $7.49 for Shipping fees for 120 Checks.

Sams Club Check Book

Next, I searched for Sams Club Checks.

Their basic (low-cost) Check Book was – 180 Checks for $10.66 (plus Shipping)

I don’t want 180 checks (380 with Duplicate leaves).  If Sams Club is offering Check Book, Walmart should be offering the same right?

Walmart Check Book

I ended up ordering 150 Checks for Total of $11.51 (with shipping of $3.25).

It’s gonna take 2 weeks for delivery.


How to Order Check Book form Walmart?

Go to Walmart Checks. After you select your design, you can begin to customize the information and design.

walmart check book

Then fill out the details as they appeared in current check book.

I did not add the address of the Bank of America as it wasn’t included in the current checks.

Details Added:

  • Name(s)
  • Address
  • ACH Routing Number
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number

That’s it. Now, I should receive the checks in mail about two weeks. I prefer to write Checks than using Bill Pay site in Bank of America. It’s so hard to use their Bill Pay section.

I’m not sure if other banks offer cheap check books, but Bank of America ain’t cheap.

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