My Dear Friend JP, RIP (and Help His Family if You Can)


JP – Jayaprabhu. RIP. It’s hard to believe that you are not with us anymore. I’m writing this for three reasons:

  1. I (we) just miss him
  2. Help raise fund for his family
  3. Why we need a Will

It’s been years since I meet him in person, but the time we spent as classmates in B.E. is something I will carry for rest of my life.

My brother saw the link for JP’s fundraising in his Facebook Newsfeed, he recognized him and asked me, “Raghu, do you know him, his face looks familiar”.

I replied, “You know him too”.

When my brother came to U.S. 11 years back to Indianapolis, I went to receive him at the airport. JP was with me. We stayed at JP’s home for a night before driving to IUB campus.

We miss you JP.  We never understand the life’s design, but life has to go on.

Fund Raising:

We are raising funds via

At this time writing, donations have reached $113,000.  Thanks to everyone who have donated so far.

The account has been linked to his wife’s account and part of money have been already moved to the account.

You may or may not JP, but even a $1 donation would help their family.

YouCaring gives 100% of the donation to their family (minus the standard credit card processing fee 2.9% + 30 cents)

Lessons Learned

Our friend Prashant and few others have been driving things to get JP on the Air India flight to India by Monday (he left us on Wednesday).

It’s extremely difficult to deal with paperwork after one has passed away.

Combined with the fact that, the family is now moving back to India, several things have to be taken care before they leave.

The list of things to be taken care is long, everything is from a legal point of view.

I had a brief conversation amid the chaos with Prashant.

He said this statement, “I’m going to write a solid WILL within next 10 days”.

That’s something most of us don’t have.

One single document called “Will” (or Estate or Trust) could have made things so much easier.

It costs about $200 to create a Will, but it will ensure things are much easier if anything unexpected happens.

As husband and father, our primary goal is safety, security and health of our family members.

To make sure they stay safe, secure and healthy, there are things we have to do today if we happen to be not here tomorrow.

As of today, please help JP’s family. Every $1 counts –

As far NJ state law is concerned, without a Will, the bank would take like 40% of the money, then court Probate process would get the rest. To handle the court Probate process, Attorney fee si $300 per hour. A family wouldn’t have to deal with such situation if there was a Will.

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