MetLife Grand Protect – Home (HE7) and Auto Insurance – Review

metlife grand protect auto home insurance reviews

We had our Home Insurance with IDS Property Casualty Company (Ameriprise) and Auto with GEICO for two cars. It was time to renew our Home Insurance. In recent years, home insurance premium was going increasing.

So, I decided to shop around for Home Insurance. My plan was to find an Agent, who can do the work. Shopping for insurance is never fun, and it’s hard to compare apples to apples.

I sent an email to GoClark Insurance after reading their reviews. I received an email from one of their Agent (Andy) the same day. This right after the Christmas.  I forwarded the current policy declaration pages for both Home and Auto insurance.  Andy said since I got 30 more days for the current home policy to expire, he was going to get back to me after the New Years.

First Set of Quotes:

First quotes for the Home was from ASI and Auto from National General. Till then we have been exchanging emails. Then I called Andy to talk about the coverage options and why he choose a particular coverage amount. During the call, I asked him to give me a quote for a better policy.

After a couple of days, I got a quote from MetLife Grad Protect Plan. It came under the Category HE7 vs. HO3 that most insurance providers offer.  Here’s the document he sent me comparing Ho3 vs HE7 Home Insurance policy.

home insurance ho3 vs h37

MetLife Grand Protect Insurance:

I started reading about the MetLife Grand Protect Plan. For the same cost as (Home + Auto with current policy), I could get a better policy. Much better policy. Then I remembered about my employer offering Metlife Insurance as an Employee Benefit. So, I called MetLife directly and asked for a quote.

The MetLife agent was surprised that someone asking for a quote specifically for MetLife Grand Protect Plan. Looks like his system had the same quote that Andy had generated, which I came to know later. This agent gave me additional employee discount. So the quote was cheaper than what Andy had quoted.

Drama Begins:

Andy was trying to get my business. I explained that I got a better quote from my employer with additional discounts. He then figured out that, he can match or beat that same quote, and I can get the same “Group Employee” discount via him as well.

When Andy was trying to modify the quote given by another agent, this MetLife guy called me 15 times in the span of 10 minutes.  Who would call a customer 15 times (non-stop)?

In the end, I went with Andy. I could give better review of Metlife Claims process, only if I had to file a claim. I hope I don’t have to file one.

All this happened this past Friday. Then my fat finger caused a mess with my current Auto Insurance.

I called GEICO to cancel my current insurance. They asked me to send an email confirmation to confirm my cancellation. The new policy was going to be effective from next day. But, I requested cancellation from today ( mistyped the date). I had to call Andy on Saturday to sort some things. He called me right away, spoke to his boss, and he’s backdated the Auto Insurance effective date to avoid any lapse in the coverage.  This is my first time working with an Insurance Agent after being a home owner for 9 years now.

You can email [email protected], and if you happen, to say that I (Raghuram) sent you, I would Gift Card for $10 (and they would donate $10 for a Charity). It’s totally up to you if you want to use my name as a referral. But, I had good experience with Andy. Total of 155 emails exchanged till I closed the deal.

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