How to Pack for the Cruise Ship and Elegant Night Attire

According to Carnival FAQ’s we can take two 50 lbs suitcase per person.  We took three suitcase, two bags and one backpack.

I don’t think 3 suitcase was required. We had to add 3rd suitcase at the check-in place because we decided to take 36 bottles of water (which was little more than what was required). Maybe 15 bottles would have been sufficient.

One Two Liter Water is $4 in the Ship. But, water, lemonade, apple juice are available in the dinning area.

Soda beverage is $6 unlimited per day per person.

One of my incorrect assumption was Cruise Ship Attire. We had assumed that we had to wear a formal wear always!

For our ship we had one night Cruise Elegant Night (Formals and Evening Dress). We totally enjoyed that night. Pretty much everyone on the ship was dressed in formal wear and it was a sight in itself. So, pack  good clothes and dress for the Cruise Elegant Night. You could even dress-up for all the nights.

P.S. You will be allowed to dine at formal dinning  hall on Elegant night only if you on formal attire. But during the day, it was all casual (shorts, sandals and t-shirt). I don’t recommend flip-flops, because you could trip while walking around. The ship gets rocky at times.


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