Personal Finance

Use This Script To Lower Your Internet and Cable Bill

Want to lower your Cable or Internet Bill? You are just one Phone call away to save a bunch of money. I have been using the TWC Internet for over 10 years here in RTP area. I should have paid maybe the full price just for a few months. As soon as the promotional offer…

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Personal Capital, Hedgeable, Wealthfront, Betterment – Performance Comparison

Update (2018): I have consolidated all the accounts into Personal Capitol. I had accounts with Heaegable, but  in the same period, Personal Capital out performed for Aggressive Strategy by a good margin. Investing in PC requires minimum of $25,000. Even if you are not investing, their financial tracking is free and I think it’s better than Robo-Advisors…

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Here’s How to Order Cheap Check Books.

We ran out of Checks on our Bank of America Checkings Account.  I went to Bank of America online account to order Checks. I was taken to third-party check book provider from BOA website. Their Check Book ordering website requires an update. It looked as if was developed during GeoCities Days (in other words, not helpful). I could…

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