Use This Script To Lower Your Internet and Cable Bill

Want to lower your Cable or Internet Bill?

You are just one Phone call away to save a bunch of money.

I have been using the TWC Internet for over 10 years here in RTP area. I should have paid maybe the full price just for a few months.

As soon as the promotional offer expires, I would call them. I use different script at every time. Here’s a  script that I have used in the past (few times).

Script  to Lower Your Time Warner Internet Bill:

Never talk tot he first customer service agent who answers the phone. They have less power (or leeway) to lower your bill. If they want to help, then give it a try.

I: Can you transfer me to the Customer Retention Department?

I: I like to see if there is a way to lower my Internet Bill.

TWC: We have great deals on Bundle Package, do you like to add TV service?

I: I just cancelled my TV service. I can’t afford TV right now. I was let go at my work and I’m doing my best to lower my monthly expenses and keep my family running. (Make it dramatic) >> This sentence varies every time call. Sometimes, I just ask, lower my bill please.

TWC: What about the phone service?

I: We don’t have a landline phone.

TWC: Let me see what I can do. (Here, wait for them to offer you something)

TWC: We can lower the bill by $10 per month for next 12 months.

I: That’s awesome, but I see that you are offering new customers this XYZ offer, can I get the same offer?

TWC: That’s only for new customers. Existing customers don’t qualify for that.

I: So, you mean to say, you don’t value your current customers and you treat a new customer different than one who have been with you for so many years?

TWC: It’s not like that, let me see what I can do.

TWC: Ok, we can’t match that offer, but, we can lower the bill by $20 per month for 12 months.

Here’s it’s up to you to hold your ground or get the $20 and save $240 per year.

Now, with Google fiber being offered here and at least 40 customers are probably calling to cancel an Internet connection everyday (20 Installers in this area and they are installing about 2 homes per day), you can use that a reason to lower the cost as well. The options are endless, but you got to make that call.

P.S. If you called them and lowered your bill using this script, please share your experience in the comment section. Thanks.

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  1. Matt Manley on January 28, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    This script helped me lower my monthly internet bill and retain the “new customer” discount.

    Thank you for sharing this, Raghuram!

    What got you interested in blogging about personal finance?

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